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Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital
Licensed Clinical Social Work/Case Manager

  • I provided professional and supervisory social casework in public assistance, child welfare and related programs.

  • I was able to handle difficult and stressful situations with professional composure.

  • I performed advanced professional social work involving intensive service in complex client situations with a high degree of skill and mature judgment in evaluating information and arriving at remedial solutions.


New Hope
Licensed Clinical Social Work/Case Manager

  • I conducted evidence-based practices, counseled clients individually and in group session to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life and making changes.

  • I completed and maintained accurate records and reports regarding the clients' histories, progress, services provided, and other required information.

  • I coordinated counseling efforts with mental health and other health professionals such as doctors and social workers.

  • I created and modified treatment plans, based on assessment and client histories, to comply with changes in client status. I reviewed and evaluated clients' progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment plans.

  • I intervened to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations, accurately complete incident reports as defined in the incident policy within required time frame and document notification to proper authorities in the events of client elopement and other incidents. 

  • I monitored that clients who were prescribed medications take them as instructed and that appropriate follow-up care is provided in the event of noncompliance. 


Doctors Hospital
Licensed Clinical Social Work/Case Manager

  • I intervened with patients and families with psychosocial needs.

  • I supported patients in coping with chronic acute terminal illness.

  • I provided crisis intervention to patients and families with psychosocial needs.

  • I provided patient care based on case findings.


Mount Sinai Medical Center
Social Worker in Case Management Department

  • I completed psychosocial assessment that includes the social, emotional, cultural and discharge planning needs of the patient and family.

  • I maintained knowledge of pertinent legal and regulatory compliance requirements and funding for community resources.

  • I responded to orders within twenty-fours of referral.


Department of Veterans Affairs
Social Work Intern

  • I provided services in OER/OIF/OND Post Deployment Clinic including biopsychosocial assessments, referral to community resources, advance directive and living will education, liaison between medical staff, patients, provide supportive counseling and advocacy, participate in interdisciplinary planning meetings.

  • I provided care management to veterans and their families through assessment and treated of complicated psychosocial problems by providing support service and treatment plans.

  • I assisted veterans coping with acute illness, chronic illness, traumatic brain injury (TBI), community adjustment, addictions and other health and mental health issues.

  • I conducted case management phone calls to veterans with biopsychosocial needs such as homelessness, economic difficulty and integration issues within the community.

  • I facilitated psychosocial assessment, diagnosis and treatment to help OEF and OIF veterans with rehabilitation and optimal emotional and social functioning.

  • I facilitated anger management group using Cognitive Processing Therapy for veterans with PTSD.

  • I provided ongoing services for the Miami VA Caregiver Program including assessing caregiver capabilities.

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Better Way of Miami, Inc.
Social Work Intern

  • I facilitated individual counseling with dual diagnosis clients and created treatment plans using motivational interviewing and solution-based therapy.

  • I conducted weekly relapse prevention group using psychoeducational and cognitional behavioral therapy for substance abuse clients.

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